Website Help for Members
Helping you using this website

Q. Want to know your Account Balance? 

A. Login using your Member's ID and password. Click on MyAccount link. Now you will be presented with a screen with blue links and the last one on the right hand side is the A/C £ link. Click on that and you will be able to see your account. At the moment, we have records since 2008 and closing balance of 2007. 

Q. Forgot Members ID? 

A. Click on Member List page on this website to find out your ID

Q. Forgot your password?

A. Type in your Members ID and click on Login, will bring you to screen where you can type in your Members ID again and click on "Forgot Password" link just below it. You will receive email suggesting your password.

Q. Where is "My account"?

A. Once you login successfully, you will see the "MyAccount" link where your name is displayed after Welcome and before Logout button.

Q. Do you want to Change your password?

A. Once you login successfully, click on "MyAccount" and then on next page, click on "My Profile" link. Now you will see Sign-in information where you can change your password.


Before you can add your guest(s) to any golf day, you will need to register his/her details in profile. THIS APPLIES VERY FIRST TIME GUEST COMES TO PLAY WITH US ONLY.  Once their details are in the system, next time you just need to follow the steps as below:

Q. Do you want to Add your guest for golf day?

A. Please follow the steps mentioned as below and you will be fine.....

  1. Login as yourself.
  2. Click on MyAccount (next to your name where you just logged in).
  3. Click on Guest Management (3rd link in blue).
  4. Click on Register/Cancel Guest(s) for Event.
  5. Click on Select Event (drop down menu) and select relevant golf day.
  6. Click on Select Guest (drop down menu), here you will see all your guests you have registered so select the one you want to register for the above event (selected in step 5).
  7. Select appropriate Meal option.
  8. And Handicap
  9. Don’t forget to SAVE.
  10. That’s it. Done. Isn’t it simple when you know how??