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Key Rules

  1. Player on top of the pairing selects the course
  2. No of shots given on 3/4 difference between the two players
  3. Please submit results to Neel Vara on time with the following information (Winner, Result - Score or Bye, Course)

Match Play Result

# Round 1
Round 2
Quarter Final
Semi Final
1 Edward Jansz Nitin V Patel Keval V Vara Kiran K Patel Kiran K Patel
2 Kalpesh N Patel
3 Sam F.M Samuel Kiran K Patel
4 Bipin P Patel
5 Bill Rookes Kaushik B Patel Neel M Vara
6 Nitin V Patel
7 Chetan Patel Nalin B Patel
9 Dilip M Patel Bipin P Patel Vin Vara Neel M Vara
10 BYE
11 Ashok K Vara Neil D Patel
12 BYE
13 Neil D Patel Musey Chamadia Kiran K Patel
14 BYE
15 Kaushik B Patel Chetan Patel
16 BYE
17 Keval V Vara Dilip M Patel Chetan Patel Nalin B Patel Nalin B Patel
18 BYE
19 Musey Chamadia Ashok K Vara
20 BYE
21 Nalin B Patel Edward Jansz Ashok K Vara
22 BYE
23 Neel M Vara Keval V Vara
24 BYE
25 Nishi K Patel Neel M Vara Neil D Patel Chetan Patel
26 BYE
27 Kiran K Patel Alkesh T Patel
28 BYE
29 Alkesh T Patel Nishi K Patel Nalin B Patel
30 BYE
31 Vin Vara Vin Vara
32 BYE